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Therapy is a place to deepen your connection to your internal voice and make sense of your world.  Maybe you can’t seem to break free of frustrating patterns, or you are weathering one of life’s inevitable challenges and desire support.  Or you simply want to understand yourself better and need a warm, nonjudgmental environment to explore and question and grow.  Whatever your reasons, investing in yourself via therapy is a brave and rewarding decision.


In therapy, you can create deeper self-awareness and move forward in your life with greater intention.  By adopting a gentle, curious perspective, we will gain greater understanding of what is driving your behavior and choices, and identify resources that are already within you.  Many are looking for a quick fix, but it is the process of introspection that offers the transformation and healing. 


It is my hope that this process of self-discovery provides greater compassion for yourself and others, and a deeper sense of joy and meaning in your life.

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